Jeremy Corbin leader of Britains Labour Party 

JPost: Some 25,000 of Israel’s nearly nine million citizens were born in the United Kingdom. This is not very many, but are they soon to be joined by a new wave of immigration from Britain such as Israel has witnessed in the past from mainland Europe, the Arab world, Russia, Ethiopia and France?

The question arises in the wake of a recent upsurge in the UK of antisemitic incidents in general, and the exposure of overt antisemitism within the Labour Party, one of the nation’s two major political parties. A director of the Jewish Agency for Israel, Yigal Palmor, said recently, “Aliyah has become a popular conversation theme among many British Jews.”

“It’s a very sad state of affairs,” said Gideon Falter, chairman of the UK’s Campaign Against Antisemitism, “because we have all grown up here and for most of us this is where our grandparents found refuge during the darkest days of humanity.” more …

Opinion: The call home.

Then shall they know that I am the Lord their God, which caused them to be led into captivity among the heathen: but I have gathered them unto their own land, and have left none of them any more there” Ezek. 39:28.

The scene: The end of a massive invasion on Israel led by a Russian prince (Ezek. 38:1-2) with Turkey, Iran and at least 4 north African nations (Ezek. 38:3-6).

A great earthquake will turn the invaders against each other (Ezek. 38:18-21). Jewish people around the world will know that God’s hand was the cause of victory.

It will be time to go back to the land, and time for a temple for atonement.

What we are seeing now is a build up to that war. The nations are forming alliances and turning against the Jews: First the ME Arab nations, followed by the UN, Russia, Turkey, the EU and finally Britain and the US.

Bible scholars have debated whether a third testament will be, or is being written, for the millennial reign. If so, the build up of anti-Semitism at the end of the church age may be the first chapters.

Matthew 24:32 prophesied the rebirth of the fig tree (Israel, May 14, 1948) that began the time clock to the end of the age. The build up of anti-Semitism may be the final clue.

Recent headlines on our website tell the story:


May 17, 2018: Jews News “Young French Jews are fleeing France in droves as Islamic anti-Semitism reaches unimaginable levels in the once beacon of freedom”

November 11, 2018: Jews News “Chancellor Merkel Condemns anti-Semitism Refuses to Acknowledge She Caused it by letting in Millions of Muslim Refugees”

November 28, 2018: Times of Israel “Ireland Advances Bill Criminalizing Sale of Goods Made in Israel Settlements”

November 28, 2018: Breaking Israel NewsCNN Reveals Shocking Poll Showing Rampant Anti-Semitism in Europe”

December 10, 2018: Times of Israel “Unprecedented EU Poll Finds 90% of European Jews Feel anti-Semitism increasing”


June 25, 2018: Times of IsraelHamas leader congratulates Erdogan on electoral win”


September 18, 2018 Russia blames Israel after military plane shot down off Syria


October 27, 2018 Washington Examiner11 Killed in Synagogue Massacre; Suspect Charged With 29 Counts” Suspect says: “I want to kill all the Jews”

October 28; 2018 Wall Street Journal “Amalek Comes to Pittsburgh”

November 5, 2018 Breaking Israel News Is Replacement Theology Fueling Anti-Semitism in America?”

November 6, 2018 Breitbart “Two Muslim Women Elected To House of Representatives

November 15, 2018 Jerusalem Online Synagogue Shooting Victims “Deserved It” Says Arrested Acquaintance of Robert Bowers”

November 29, 2018 Daily Wire “CNN Commentator Calls For Elimination Of Israel, Endorses Violence

December 1, 2018 Algemeiner “Jewish Students at Columbia University ‘Outraged’, Distressed by Anti-Israel Graffiti on Campus”


December 3, 2018 JPost148 Nations Disavow Jewish Ties to Jerusalem and Temple Mount”


December 7, 2018 Jewish Press: “US Resolution To Condemn Hamas Voted Down AT UN General Assembly”

On Wednesday, Editor and I will host a Bible study group where we will ask for feedback on our next paper titled: ‘Two Trains’ Israel and the Church in Prophecy

Once completed we will post it on our website.


  1. Now we see one of the purposes of the Syrian civil war. The mass exodus of muslim refugees into Europe causing Jews to flee to Israel.
    The master plan unfolding.

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