From Dr. Jason Lisle of the Institute for Creation Research:

Today’s Post seeks to make clearer some points about God’s revelation to man.

General revelation is what God has revealed about Himself to everyone. This includes the knowledge that God exists, is the Creator, is powerful, glorious, righteous, and is angry at us for violating His high moral standard (Romans 1:18-202:14-16Psalm 19:1-6). We call this general revelation (or natural revelation) because God has revealed this to everyone at all times. General revelation is not the same thing as science. Nature is not a book. Language has the unique ability to communicate concepts with clarity unmatched by any non-linguistic medium. Natural revelation does exist, but is less clear than the propositional truth found in God’s Word.

That truth is special revelation – when God communicates to human beings using language. The Bible is special revelation. It is not general because not all people have read the Bible…

Those Christians who reject the biblical timescale or who embrace evolution often defend their position using the two-book fallacy. They claim that nature is essentially a 67th book of the Bible, and equally authoritative with Scripture.

Consequently, they argue that we must interpret the Bible in light of this “book of nature.” They might also argue that nature reveals that the world is billions of years old, that all life has evolved from a common ancestor, that stars formed billions of years before earth, and so on. And they interpret Genesis to match this so-called natural/general revelation.

The problems here are numerous.

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