EU playing key role in funding PA’s terrorist prisoners


PWM: The EU has announced it will help pay the PA’s public employees

whose salaries the PA cut in order to pay terrorists

1. February: The PA cut salaries of public employees by 50% to maintain full salaries to terrorist prisoners

2. May: The EU pays the salaries of the PA’s public employees – enabling the PA to continue paying salaries to terrorists

The result: New PA – EU partnership:
EU pays salaries to public employees –

PA has money to pay salaries to terrorists

EU’s actions contradict recent EU statement: 

“We do not support the system of Palestinian payments 
to ‘prisoners and martyrs'” more …

Opinion: The EU would never want to be accused of paying salaries to terrorists, so the new Roman Empire pulled a slight of hand …

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It’s so easy for people to pull the wool over their own eyes  …
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… when they harbor a deep hatred but don’t want to admit it.