Sunday Morning at the Western Wall …


Herod the Great, an Edomite king, enlarged and refurbished the temple in 19 BC. The Western Wall is the last remaining (retention) wall of the 2nd Temple.

I have to tell you I was in awe the whole morning. For 8 years we have posted hundreds of pictures of famous politicians and celebrities walking up to the wall and placing a note in a crevice. I can’t believe that today is my turn.

Editor was standing by with a camera but had to shoot the photo from outside the men’s area.

The Western Wall Tunnel gives a view of underground Jerusalem. Excavations which began soon after the reunification of Jerusalem (1967) reveal the entire length of the Western Wall, a distance of 488 meters. The tunnels expose rooms, public halls and pools which date back to the Biblical period.

The tunnel’s 488 meters or 1600 ft. was built by the Mamelukes in 1300 AD. To give a comparison, a US football field is 300 feet long. Our guide walked us through approx. 1/2 the length with narrow corridors, at some points barely wide enough for 1 person.

Temple Mount Excavations: The Jerusalem Archaeological Park has revealed amazing discoveries of Jerusalem from the time of Jesus.

The park features a Herodian Street from fallen Herodian stones (back of photo) from the temple.

The entrance to the temple from the south was no doubt used by Jesus and the Apostles.

Since it was Sunday, Editor and I took an afternoon off from our group to do a little shopping, and relax in our beautiful hotel, The David Citadel, Jerusalem.


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