In video, Hamas boasts it ‘found a way to overcome Iron Dome’


Times of Israel: The Hamas terror group on Tuesday published a video purporting to show how it managed to overcome Israel’s Iron Dome rocket defense system during last month’s round of fighting, in which three Israeli civilians were killed in almost 700 rocket attacks and another was killed by an anti-tank missile.

“We found a way to overcome Iron Dome,” Hamas boasted in the video, according to a Hebrew-language translation by Channel 12 news.

“The pace of launches was the fastest in our history, 700 rockets in 30 hours,” the Palestinian group said, with dramatic music playing in the background. “85 rockets were fired at Ashkelon, 80 to Ashdod, 60 to Beersheba — all carrying large warheads.

Opinion: In our post from May 9 “700 Rockets, 4 Dead, is Iron Dome overwhelmed?” we asked this question: Could last weekend’s assault be another test run that will fulfill the ancient prophecy?

The combined factions (Hamas, Islamic Jihad etc.) in Gaza are known to have 20,000 rockets. Hezbollah is known to have 150,000 rockets. So if Iron Dome was overwhelmed in last month’s attacks with 700 rockets, what would happen in a coordinated attack from the southeast and north?

But what about Islamic Jihad? On February 29, 2019 the group announced an Iranian-designed rocket capable of hitting Tel Aviv …

which it attempted to do on March 14, 2019.

The combined Arab armies are not only prophesied to attack Israel, but have a ready made banner from 3000 years ago: “Come let us wipe them out as a nation so that the name of Israel is remembered no more” Psalm 83:4.

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