Insider Blows Whistle on Google’s Plan to Prevent Re-Election of Donald Trump


Zero Hedge: A new undercover exposé by Project Veritas reveals that the company is programming its machine learning algorithms in order to avoid the “next Trump situation.”

“We all got screwed over in 2016, again it wasn’t just us, it was, the people got screwed over, the news media got screwed over, like, everybody got screwed over so we’re rapidly been like, what happened there and how do we prevent it from happening again,” said longtime Google employee and head of “Responsible Innovation,” Jen Gennai.

We’re also training our algorithms, like, if 2016 happened again, would we have, would the outcome be different?” she added.

Opinion: I have been curious as to why traffic to our site has dropped dramatically recently. Our friend VS has cautioned me about algorithms possibly causing problems, but didn’t realize how much has changed in the last few months. Last night I did a few Google searches on Trained Algorithms in response to this post by Zero Hedge.

Do bots crawling on websites direct traffic?

Google uses a ton of computers to send their crawlers to every nook and cranny of the web to find these pages and to see what’s on them. Googlebot is Google’s webcrawler or robot and other search engines have their own

How often do Google bots crawl?

Google simply states that the bots crawl regularly, and how often Google crawls your site is based on links, page rank, and “crawling constraints”. The frequency of Google’s updates is totally subjective – it depends on your site, domain authority, your backlinks, etc. Apr 9, 2013.

What is algorithm unfairness?

Algorithmic bias describes systematic and repeatable errors in a computer system that create unfair outcomes, such as privileging one arbitrary group of users over others. … The study of algorithmic bias is most concerned with algorithms that reflect “systematic and unfair” discrimination.

Do Google algorithms control website traffic?

If you noticed a change in your site’s search engine ranking or the traffic it receives, a recent algorithm update from Google is likely the cause. On March 12th, Google launched, what it has dubbed the “March 2019 Core Algorithm Update”. As with any update, the changes will have an effect on the SEO of most sites.

Google regularly updates its algorithm, and in many cases, they don’t announce the update or what has been changed

Is my website under Google penalty?

To check for any penalties, you can log the webmaster account and choose “Manual Actions” in the “Search Traffic”. The site-wide penalty is one of the most unpleasant ones as your site is viewed as spam by Google and your ranking drops dramatically.

So in addition to controlling elections, the so-called masters of the universe have the ability to censor website content they don’t like, and neither the website nor the public have the slightest idea. It is little wonder that the public remains unaware of how they are being directed towards global governance.

I always wondered how the end of websites like this would come about. A big drop in traffic is devastating for sites that depend on ad revenue and/or donations, but even sites that don’t, can find it discouraging to continue when traffic inexplicably drops off.

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