Hezbollah’s secret, grandiose plan to invade the Galilee in the post-tunnel era


Times of Israel: In his latest speech, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah again boasted that his terror group can easily penetrate into Israeli territory from Lebanon.

Hezbollah’s cross-border tunnel network may have been destroyed, but even in its absence Nasrallah insists that his commandos will try to storm Israel in secret and raid communities and army bases in the north. While Hezbollah knows it would pay a heavy price for such a step, the propaganda achievement would be crucial.

Like a broken record, in every speech Nasrallah delivers he threatens a military operation in Israeli territory if a war breaks out. Sometimes he calls it “conquering the Galilee,” sometimes just “penetrating.” Last month that ritual repeated itself when Nasrallah told his supporters that Hezbollah has the ability to “easily penetrate the Galilee.” more …

Opinion: I took this picture on our trip to Israel last month. I tried to imagine what standing on the shore of the Sea of Galilee would be like if Hezbollah controlled the Golan hills on the other side.
How utterly preposterous for the world to tell Israel to hand that land over to a terror group that vowed to destroy the Jewish state.