Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg Criticize Israeli ‘Occupation’


Breitbart: Former vice president Joe Biden and South Bend, Indiana’s Mayor Pete Buttigieg told a radical anti-Israel group that Israel’s “occupation” was a problem after being ambushed by the group during campaign appearances in New Hampshire this weekend.

The group, IfNotNow, is a left-wing fringe organization that defended Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) when she used antisemitic language to attack supporters of Israel. It has also recited prayers for Hamas terrorists killed while trying to infiltrate Israel.

Last week, they scored a victory wen Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) promised them she would end Israel’s occupation. Now the group is touting two more successes. more …

Opinion: If the real occupation were to end, a few million Arab terrorists in the Palestinian Authority and Hamas would be deported from Israel.

That these Jordanians/Syrians/Egyptians are hapless pawns in a carefully orchestrated plan to kill every Jew in the ME, is one of Satan’s finest deceptions since Herod’s plan to eliminate the Christ by killing all the two-year-olds of Judea.

There is no people group known as Palestinians before the 1967 war, which is why the PA is against excavations on the Temple Mount.

IfNotNow is an American Jewish progressive activist group opposing the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. That’s Jewish in case you missed it, bringing to mind Romans 9:6

“it is not that the word of God has taken no effect. For they are not all Israel who are of Israel.”

In a recent post we wrote that children from mixed Jewish/Gentile marriages are some of Israel’s fiercest enemies and that certainly seems to apply here. (See Jesus’ 7 woes in Matthew 23 1:36 here).

According to Psalm 83:4 the 3000 year old conflict will end in war:Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, That the name of Israel may be remembered no more”.

What could be the catalyst for war is that Israel’s protector, the United States, has fractured on support for the Jewish state.

See our paper “Israel – 50 Year Timeline 1917-1967 here