Paul Craig Roberts Asks “Is The Fed Losing Control Of The Gold Price?”


Zero Hedge: After years of being kept in the doldrums by orchestrated short-selling described on this website by Roberts and Kranzler, gold has lately moved up sharply topping $1,500 this week.

The gold price has continued to rise despite the continuing practice of dumping large volumes of naked contracts in the futures market. The gold price is driven down but quickly recovers and moves on up. I haven’t an explanation at this time for the new force that is more powerful than the short-selling that has been used to control the price of gold.

Various central banks have been converting their dollar reserves into gold, which reduces the demand for dollars and increases the demand for gold. Existing stocks of gold available to fill orders are being drawn down, and new mining output is not keeping pace with the rise in demand. Perhaps this is the explanation for the rise in the price of gold. more …

Opinion: Headline from June 26, 2019:

“Merrill Lynch Caught Criminally Manipulating Precious Metals Market “Thousands Of Times” Over 6 Years”

Is there any truth in the financial markets? Typically gold is a safe haven asset and performs well when paper currencies don’t.

Also typically, government officials dislike gold rising against their respective currencies as it makes their handling of their economies look weak. Manipulation to the rescue. To complicate matters further, governments try to keep their currencies low so that they can buy dollars for purchasing commodities at a better price.

If there were ever a good reason for global currency in the hands of an authoritarian government, it is that fiat currencies (without intrinsic value) are getting weaker and weaker due to insurmountable, unsustainable debt.

European Union: Position open for immediate employment:

Applicant must be proficient in mending ties with the Jewish community (Daniel 9:27), make the EU the most powerful government in the world (Revelation 13:4), and stabilize the euro to be the world reserve currency (Revelation 13:16-17)


  1. Maybe after Psalm 83 and Gog/Magog, the EU will feel compelled to make a deal since all of the oil producers will be defeated. Or maybe they will just conjure up some old UN resolution about Israeli occupation and use that as justification to take the fuel source that they need.
    I also liked the article about the Jews ascending the temple mount. Got to get rid of those pesky Arabs to clear the way for that third temple.

  2. Hey, any new candidates to fill that position? I saw that the EU just held elections but no one stood out to me.
    When the deal of the century falls short, I wonder if the new gas pipeline will be the catalyst for a European peace plan?

    • Thanks for responding. I agree no one stands out to me either. The new pipeline is not operational till 2025 so a lot can happen between now and then.

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