JPost: Turkey will soon move forward with its long-planned military operation to create what it calls a “safe zone” in northern Syria – and U.S. forces will not support or be involved in it, the White House press secretary announced early Monday morning. The move is an extraordinary reversal of US policy that leaves America’s allies wondering whether they can still rely on the Trump administration.

The statement came after Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and US President Donald Trump discussed in a phone call Turkey’s plans to establish a “safe zone” east of the Euphrates River in Syria. For four years, the US and mostly Kurdish fighters have fought and defeated Islamic State in northeast Syria.

Opinion: The Trump administration decision is dangerous on many levels and prophetic on still more.

Possible scenario:

Psalm 83: One of the alliance of nations that will attack Israel in a future war is Assyria (Psalm 83:8), which includes northeast Syria and Kurdish Iraq. There has been a long standing debate about Assyria attacking Israel since the Kurds are against Muslims and are friendly with Israel.

A US pull out will change the dynamics leaving Recep Erdogan, who is getting cozy with Russia, in charge of the Kurds whom he hates almost as much as he hates the Jews. A false flag attack on the Kurds made to look like the Israelis did it, could see the Kurds fulfilling prophecy and attacking Israel.

Gog and Magog: Turkey will one day lose patience with trying to wipe out the Jews and along with its long standing alliance with the Cush nations (Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia) and Put nation of Libya (Ezekiel 38:5 NIV), join with Russia (Ezekiel 38:1-6) and Iran to end the Jewish economic dominance in energy.

Gog Magog War: Map

A plan will be devised by Russia’s leader (Ezekiel 38:10) to take Israel’s  energy wealth (Ez.38:13) by attacking from the north, south east and west. What is astounding is that today Vladimir Putin responded to the Trump pull out with this:

All Foreign Troops “With Illegal Presence” Should Leave Syria

So who does Putin think is legitimate? Iran and Turkey seem just fine with the Kremlin setting the stage for the future Gog Magog invasion. When it happens, Ezekiel says no nation will come to Israel’s side, and God Himself will intervene by causing a great earthquake as the enemy armies turn against each other in confusion (Ezekiel 38:18-21).

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