Scantily Clad Women, Men Dance in Suggestive Manner for Pope


BIN: A Circus act put on a performance for Pope Francis. The act featured scantily clad men and women dancing in a sexually suggestive manner for the Pope. The acts can be seen in the first minute of the video below:

One Youtuber noticed that the performance took place in a location that featured a massive statue with a serpent coming out of Jesus’ head. Read More …

Opinion: When will it be enough? Scripture provides for no pope, no bishops, no cardinals, nuns or brothers. It provides no requirement for celibacy, poverty, or salvation by membership in a denomination.

Scripture provides no mortal sin, venial sin, or confessing sin to priests only, or penance prayers for forgiveness for sin. Scripture makes no mention of Mary crushing Satan’s head, life-long virginity or being a co-mediatrix for salvation.

Scripture does not call any man on earth Holy Father, and makes no mention of papal infallibility or any mention of church tradition being equal to Scripture.

And yet 1.3 billion souls are Catholic.

Is it any wonder that the circus took place in a Vatican auditorium built to look like a reptile?