Fatah marches for terror with knives, rifles, and mock explosive belts


Palwatch: The Shabiba logo is shown with its mirrored PA maps of “Palestine,” the one on the right with an upraised fist rising from the top of it. Under the logo is the text:

Logo of Fatah’s youth movement Shabiba: “Volunteering, giving, sacrifice, devotion.”

A song plays:
Lyrics: “On the first of January, the rebels set forth
The entire world heard the sound of the explosion
Visual: masked men with mock explosive belts 
They asked: ‘Is that a storm, or did a volcano erupt?’
We answered: ‘It is a storm of Fatah that was here'”

Narrator reads Fatah’s announcement from Jan. 1, 1965, after their first terror attack against Israel.

Opinion: Another catchy tune from the Fatah hit parade, serves as a reminder of an ancient blood feud that only one Person can solve.

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