Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Interviews David James: Why it is Important For Christians to Study Bible Prophecy


LEAD STORY The local churches need to have a revival of teaching Bible prophecy Read Jimmy’s report on today’s top story, and how this event relates to Bible prophecy.

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Dave James comes to Jimmy DeYoung’s Broadcast Table today here on Prophecy Today Intelligence Briefing to exhort each of us to become students of Bible Prophecy. It will also be an exhortation for the Pastors of local churches to have a revival of teaching the Prophetic Word of God, which is thirty per cent of the entire Bible. Dave’s report should encourage Pastors to begin to teach all the people in these local Churches, small or large, the portion of God’s Word that will tell us of the future, and the “blessed hope of the Rapture of the Christians” in our world today.