1. It seems like you might be a bit premature in running this article claiming that Sidney Powell promoted a conspiracy theory about voter fraud. Is there proof that it’s a conspiracy? I have heard and read many accusations about vote flipping by the machines. Do you trust Smartmatic to tell the truth….really? Before Sidney Powell is completely discredited and her career ruined, it might be wise to hear what she has to say when she releases her findings. If she’s wrong, then it seems fair to call her out. But to ruin her career sounds like a leftist thing to do!

    • I appreciate your concern for Sidney Powell and tried to keep our readers informed with this headline from the conservative website PJ Media. Other websites are not as kind. On the 16th we posted this one “Claiming Staggering Election Fraud: Watch Attorney Sidney Powell With Lou Dobbs” from the same site and have avoided writing any personal comments because I still don’t understand her proof.

      In the meantime, the fact that the Trump team is distancing themselves is not helping Mrs. Powell, Mr. Trump or the nation. If Sidney Powell proves her point we will shout it from the rooftops.

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