Conservative social media platform Parler suspended by Google for ‘inciting violence’, Apple gives it 24 hours to moderate

  • Google on Friday suspended Parler its app store citing posts inciting violence
  • Apple also issued the social networking app with a 24-hour warning to clean up its act in moderating posts before also being removed from its app store
  • The app saw a major spike in traffic after the threats from the two tech giants left people rushing to download Parler before it is suspended
  • Twitter also permanently banned President Trump’s Twitter account on Friday night which may have added further to the rush
  • Parler’s Chief Policy Officer Amy Peikoff claimed it is being targeted as a conservative platform that refuses to fact check its users
  • She said that its users did not want to ‘live in the world of Orwell’s 1984’
  • Yet she admitted that the company would be hit hard by any suspension 

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