Cuomo Does About-Face on Lockdowns, Appoints Blue-Ribbon Commission to Resuscitate NY Economy


In his State of the State address on Monday, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo stressed that “We must deal with the short-term economic crisis. A record $15 billion state deficit. That must be addressed in the next several weeks,” following which “we must plan our economic resurgence. We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits its critical mass. The cost would be too high. We will have nothing left to open. We must reopen the economy but we must do it smartly and safely.”

Which marks a 180-degree shift in the governor’s policy, having adhered to a year of ever-increasing lockdowns, even as his policy was being challenged, and losing, in federal courts. Last November, the US Supreme Court ruled against Cuomo in the combined case of Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, New York v. Andrew m. Cuomo, and Agudath Israel of America, et al. v. Cuomo, enjoining him from enforcing an executive order of 10- and 25-person occupancy limits in houses of worship in areas suffering from high infection levels of the Covid-19 pandemic. Read More

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