Trump’s Embassy Waiver Is Another Key Policy Disagreement With Israel


The Times of Israel: In 1972, then-congressman Gerald Ford called for moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Two years later, Ford — now president — was asked by Israel’s ambassador in Washington at the time, Yitzhak Rabin, about the embassy’s relocation.

“In the Oval Office you view things differently than from the House of Representatives,” Rabin quoted Ford as replying.  more …

Opinion: The false Palestinian claim to the land given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and their descendants after them, was given legitimacy yesterday – again.

What I find fascinating is that our president is up against both ancient bloodlines. The (Ishmaelite) Saudi deal with billions of dollars for US-made weapons, and the Palestinian (Edom) promise that they really want peace this time, was just the right combination to convince a man known as one of the world’s great deal makers, to go back on a key campaign promise.

He was played like a fiddle by people whose religion encourages lying.

Donald Trump’s book was written 30 years ago this year. If he actually makes ‘the deal’, he is Antichrist (Daniel 9:27). If not, he just blew a wonderful opportunity to bless Israel and the US.

(see chapter 1 of Blood Feud here)