Erdogan holds back on conquest of Afrin, goes for Manjib


JOL: Speaking in Ankara before leaders of Turkish provinces, Erdoğan vowed to extend the operation to the town of Manbij east of Aleppo, a move that could lead to clashes between Turkish and NATO forces.

On Saturday, Turkish fighter jets began to bombard targets in the Afrin region, which is controlled by US-backed Kurds. Turkey said in an official statement that it had hit 108 Kurdish targets. A Kurdish militia official said several people have been hurt, including in residential areas.

The Russian government has stated that it will urge the UN to put a stop to Turkey’s military operation in Syria. more …

Opinion: Turkey has begun a military operation in Syria’s northwestern region as part of an effort to eliminate what it calls Kurdish terrorists. Code Named – Operation Olive Branch, Turkey’s goal is to create a 20-mile-deep security buffer.

The New York Times reported on January 22:

The Turkish offensive, carried out over the protests of the United States but with the apparent assent of Russia, marks a perilous new phase in relations between two Nato allies—bringing their interests into direct conflict on the battlefield. It lays bare how much leverage the United States has lost in Syria, where its single-minded focus has been on vanquishing Islamist militants.

The problem the US faces is that the rebel groups used to defeat ISIS don’t get along with each other:

  • The US-backed Syrian rebels are close to Turkey and oppose both the Syrian regime and the Kurdish YPG.
  • Turkey accuses the US of working with terrorists
  • The US continues to train local rebel forces to stabilize the area and prevent ISIS resurgence.

Yesterday Turkish President Recep Erdogan told leaders of provinces he is planning to extend his army’s offensive in Syria to the town of Manbij, which is controlled by US-backed Kurdish forces.

The war in Syria has provided a rare opportunity for Turkey, Russia and Iran to unite and attempt to jointly resolve the crisis.

And Bible prophecy tells us that Russia, Iran and Turkey will one day attack Israel from the mountains when Israel is living in peace. All three are now firmly entrenched in Syria, and since Mount Hermon’s southern slopes are in the Golan, it is possible that the attack will originate from there:

Image result for mount hermon in the golan

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