A new Middle East? President Trump unveils new peace plan


JOL: US President Donald Trump has unveiled his newest peace plan for the Middle East. The US will propose a comprehensive regional settlement that will be open for negotiations and allow for normalized relations between Israel and the Arab states.

Despite a skeptical Netanyahu, the Trump administration believes that Mahmoud Abbas is truly interested in reaching an agreement. more …

Opinion: I get it. Without the sure and perfect word of Bible prophecy, men are easily deceived. Even wealthy, powerful world leaders who have the best intelligence agencies and advisers can be taken in by their own egos.

And that is why Antichrist will have such an easy time of it.

The ancient blood feud between the twins Jacob and Esau appears to be reaching a crescendo. When Donald Trump realizes that the old terrorist Abbas is not the moderate he hopes he is, Trump is likely to get very angry.

Take for example the recent feud with the Congresswoman who accused him of being “insensitive” when he made a condolence call to the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, an American service member killed in action in West Africa. The verbal tweet feud is now in its 7th day.

Think back to: The Donald Trump-Rosie O’Donnell feud, the Megyn Kelly feud, followed by Jeb Bush, James Comey, John McCain and anyone else who has the audacity to cross him.

When it becomes obvious that Mahmoud Abbas is lying, there will either be another verbal ruckus or all hell will break lose after a 7 year treaty is enforced (Daniel 9:27).


  1. A person who is deaf, dumb and blind, and without any education whatsoever, who has been living in a cave for decades even knows that Mahmoud Abbas is certainly worse than a “moderate” in the Middle East. So, what does that say about Donald Trump?

    Trump certainly does have an ego. An ego bigger than all of his towers and casinos put together. I believe that somewhere in the back (or front) of his mind he is dreaming of ways to turn himself into America’s most powerful (and accepted) dictator in history. He does not just want to rule the United States. He wants the world in the palm of his hand.

    People have complained about the ridiculous atrocities that Obama had committed during his 8 years (and counting, so it seems). People have complained about how George W. Bush and company had spread the US military so thin even after massively recruiting, blowing up small parts of the world that America didn’t like. Trump is well within range of wiping out the world’s memories of both previous presidents and their mayhem.

    It is good to know that the world has Someone who is constantly watching over us to make sure things never go too far.

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