Abbas Always Anti-Semitic – Why are People Shocked by His New Anti-Semitic Speech?


Jewish Press: This is the same Mahmoud Abbas who wrote a Holocaust denial doctoral thesis.

This is the same Mahmoud Abbas who arranged the financing for Black September’s sadistic torture (including brutal beatings and castration) and massacre of the eleven Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics.

This is the same Mahmoud Abbas who has continued to name dozens of schools, streets, sports teams, summer camps, and public squares after terrorists who murdered innocent Jews.  He’s the same leader who honors terrorists with television specials, days of celebration and mourning, and $355 million per year of financial payments to Jew killers and their families. more …

Opinion: My all-time favorite TV commercial:

Image result for Prego, it's in there

Mahmoud Abbas is this generation’s Amalekite (Ex. 17:16) and it is definitely in there.

Abbas not only succeeded in drawing the blood of Israelites (unlike Esau) but he somehow dreamed up new ways to do it without getting any blame. Let me explain in two pictures:

In 2015 the Palestinian stabbing jihad (complete with diagram) claimed the lives of 30 innocent Jewish citizens:

Image result for stabbing jihad diagram

That year Barack Obama’s reaction after being asked by AIPAC to strengthen ties with Netanyahu:

Barack Obama, it’s in there.

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