Abbas, Hollande meet to continue the work of the Paris Peace Conference


JPost: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and French President Francois Hollande will meet in two weeks to follow up on the results of the international conference which took place in Paris on January 15, the PA president said on Wednesday.

“The Paris conference did not end on January 15; there are additional steps that need to be taken by the participants in the conference,” Majdalani, who is also a PLO Executive Committee member, said … more

Opinion: The goal of the conference is the same worn out tired idea that every president has proposed since 1948, a two-state solution.

How can educated world leaders be so sold out to a lie? One side will not even acknowledge the other side’s right to exist. One side wants the other side to give up land while giving up absolutely nothing in return. And one side wants the other side to give up their very soul, Jerusalem.

Two states for two peoples has already been in existence since 1924 when Britain took back 78% of the land given to the Jewish people to create a state called Jordan – for Arab people.

Voilà! One Jewish state – One Arab state, side by side

Image result for map showing israel and jordan

In 1947, one year before Israel’s rebirth, the UN capitulated and offered to the Arab peoples (who call themselves Palestinians) a state inside Israel. The Arabs chose war instead.

What the world is asking Israel to do is in reality, create a three-state solution.


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