Abbas: Palestinians plan to challenge Regulation Law in international court


JOL: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas held a press conference this evening (Tuesday) in France alongside French President Francois Hollande. During the press conference, he harshly criticized the Regulation Law, which was passed last night by the Knesset.

Abbas claimed that “the new law creates an apartheid state.” In addition, he called for the international community to condemn the law. Hollande claimed that the law paves the way for Israel’s annexation of the West Bank. more

Opinion: Abbas latched on to John Kerry’s infamous speech on December 28: “Israel cannot be a Jewish state and a Democratic state at the same time”

Of course that is exactly what Israel has been and will continue to be, but it gave the Edomite Abbas all the ammunition he needs to get world’s sympathy.

Abbas has the distinction of being the only unelected president of a non-people in the world, which, since it involves hatred of Israel, makes him very popular with secular progressive world leaders.

Abbas has another distinction of having been deputy to the only terrorist who was second to Adolf Hitler in killing of Jews, and yet, he has convinced Biblically ignorant world leaders that he is a moderate.

Hollande brought shame and judgment on his nation.