Abbas: ‘The Bible says we were here before Abraham’



Arutz Sheva: “Palestinian Media Watch on Monday exposed repeated statements by Abbas and his religious adviser on official PA TV in recent months airing the ahistorical claims, according to which the Palestinians have been in Israel for “5,000” or “6,000” years – depending on which of the two you ask.

Speaking on official PA TV in late March, Abbas said, “our narrative says that we were in this land since before Abraham. I am not saying it. The Bible says it. The Bible says, in these words, that the Palestinians existed before Abraham. So why don’t you recognize my right?”

Opinion: Ishmael is recognized as a patriarch of Islam. Muslims believe that Ishmael was the firstborn of Abraham, born to him from his second wife Hagar. Ishmael is recognized by Muslims as the ancestor of several prominent Arab tribes and being the forefather of Muhammad.

Muhammad, born 570 AD, is the central figure of Islam and widely regarded as its founder.

In research for our book Antichrist: The Search For Amalek it became apparent that the Arab peoples descended from either Ishmael or Esau.

Ishmael was a child born out of lack of trust for God’s promise to Abraham for a son. Lacking faith in God to provide the long-awaited heir, Sarah told Abraham to sleep with her handmaiden Hagar to produce the promised heir.

Esau, Abraham’s grandson, moved away from the family after squandering his birthright, and took Canaanite wives in direst disobedience and “grief of mind” (Genesis 26:35)  to Isaac and Rebekah.

The Bible records the act of disobedience:

 Esau saw that Isaac had blessed Jacob and sent him away to Padan Aram to take himself a wife from there, and that as he blessed him he gave him a charge, saying, “You shall not take a wife from the daughters of Canaan,”  and that Jacob had obeyed his father and his mother and had gone to Padan Aram.  Also Esau saw that the daughters of Canaan did not please his father Isaac.  So Esau went to Ishmael and took Mahalath the daughter of Ishmael, Abraham’s son, the sister of Nebajoth, to be his wife in addition to the wives he had.” Genesis 28:6-9

So Mr. Abbas may be able to fool world leaders with his lies – but he will not mock God’s word.