Abbas Trapped In Hallucinations, Illusions And Lies


YNet: On Sunday, the famous moderate said he wouldn’t repeat 1948 and 1967, because those mistakes led to the Palestinian tragedy, the Nakba. But he is repeating the exact same mistakes. More hallucinations. More illusions. More rejectionism.

In Israel, there is dispute over whether the source of the problem is 1948 or 1967. Abbas has made it clear that the problem is 1917. In other words, the Balfour Declaration, which supported the Jews’ right to a national home.

Opinion: Neither the 1917 Balfour Declaration, nor Israel’s 1948 rebirth, nor the re-unification of Jerusalem in 1967 is the source of the dispute.

  • The dispute began in 1910 BC with the birth of Ishmael
  • The dispute grew in 1836 BC with the birth of Jacob and Esau
  • The dispute became toxic in 610 AD with Muhammad’s new religion

Both Ishmael and Esau coveted the birthright reserved for the oldest son. Ishmael was banished and Esau banished himself.

Jacob received the birthright to the land of promise by God’s decree through Isaac (Genesis 27:28-29)

  • Ishmael settled his family in what is today Saudi Arabia
  • Esau settled first in what is today Petra and then Judea (West Bank)

Esau promised to kill Jacob (Genesis 27:41) and his descendants are still trying.

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