Activists confess ‘Bible ban’ does target ‘faith community’


WND:In what could be a huge embarrassment for the online “fact-checker” Snopes, both a lawmaker and an LGBT activist have admitted a California state bill targets “pastors” and members of the “faith community” who insist a man is a man, not a woman, and vice versa.

The controversy is over a bill that critics have charged effectively would ban the sale of Bibles, because it regards as “consumer fraud” any commercial transaction that affirms Christian beliefs about the nature of the two genders and homosexual behavior.

WND reported Monday Snopes blasted the charge that the bill would ban Bibles as “False” in huge red lettering.

Snopes admits the bill relates to “gay conversion therapy” but states the legislation “does not mention the Bible, Christianity, or religion at all.”  more …

Opinion: “The faith community, like anyone else, needs to evolve with the times” says Al Muratsuchi.

Violations of A.B. 2943 could include “selling religious or secular books (pamphlets, videos, audios, etc.), holding conferences, teaching courses in a college or seminary where tuition is paid, giving a speech at a paid venue, counseling people for a fee, or perhaps even posting online articles in a site that requires a paid subscription, in which it is asserted (in whole or part) that it is morally wrong for people to engage in homosexual practice or identify as ‘gay’ or ‘transgender.”

I can’t help but wonder if the evolved lawmakers of California will have the courage to ban the Koran since the Muslim community is a bit more harsh when dealing with gay conversion therapy:

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  1. All throughout your article I was wondering the same exact thing you had mentioned as your last point. It should really be interesting to see how this all unfolds in the very near future. That being said, the former US president is a Muslim and it has been (at least) rumored that he is also a homosexual. Maybe sometimes the two can go hand in hand. After all, both lifestyles are of the devil.

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