Africa’s Poised For A Bitcoin Revolution In 2022

<> on December 7, 2017 in London, England.

Assessment: The continent has ripe conditions for Bitcoin to become the most common way to store and preserve value…

Africans stand to gain the most from Bitcoin and they are quickly realizing this fact and spreading the word. Most know that our corrupt “leaders” will not embrace the path to prosperity that El Salvador is on, due to their own self-interest. By opting out of the fiat-based legacy financial systems holding us back, we will create the change we want to see.

Bitcoiners in Africa are building and actively engaged in this peaceful monetary revolution. Let’s explore themes that will ensure more Africans are onboarded to the Bitcoin standard in 2022.

“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads” Rev. 13:16


Orange-pilled Africans are leading the charge toward hyperbitcoinization by building the infrastructure needed to onboard fellow Africans to this idea whose time has come.

Ejara founder Nelly Chatue Diop is an inspiration for the world-class platform she is building while empowering women and girls in the continent to be all they can in this new industry. The Ejara wallet is true to the Bitcoin ethos of “not your keys not your cheese.” Self-custody will shift Africans’ mindsets to self-sovereignty, ensuring they do not give their hard-earned wealth to banks in unsecured loans, aka deposits.


New infrastructure is making it possible for talented African artists, content creators and musicians to totally cut out the middlemen agencies who often take a huge share of their revenue.

Lightning payments on social media platforms such as Twitter enable people to actively grow their community while getting paid directly for the value they put out to the world.

Great minds, such as former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey working full time on Bitcoin at Spiral, are sure to offer Africans greater ways to reach international markets from which they have traditionally been marginalized from.

Initiatives by Africans for Africans, such as the Bitcoin Developers Academy by Fodé Diop, strives to teach African youth the skills they require to work on Bitcoin.


The new normal has seen African youth and young adults shift more to working remotely as job opportunities in the continent are very few, especially for the former who make up the biggest demographic. “Number go up” technology has made them cognizant of the opportunity of getting the most out of their time and effort by being paid in the best store of value on Earth, bitcoin.

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