After Bomb Test, North Korea, Iran Continue Illicit Nuke Cooperation



Washington Free Beacon: “One day after North Korea claimed to have successfully tested a miniaturized hydrogen bomb, lawmakers and regional experts are warning that Pyongyang and Tehran are continuing an illicit clandestine partnership enabling the rogue nations to master nuclear technology.

Loopholes in the nuclear pact recently reached between Iran and the international community have allowed the Islamic Republic and North Korea to boost their nuclear cooperation, which includes the exchange of information and technology, according to material provided to Congress over the past year.

Iran is believed to be housing some of its key nuclear weapons-related technology in North Korea in order to avoid detection by international inspectors. Iranian dissidents once tied to the regime have disclosed that both countries have consulted on a nuclear warhead.”

Opinion: I never hear anyone say it, but suppose Iran already has a bomb? And further suppose that the only thing North Korea and Iran don’t have is the ability to fit a warhead on their growing missile arsenal – yet.

The crack Obama team headed up by John “I was for it before I was against it” Kerry negotiated the deal.

Need I say more?

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