After delay, Israeli delegation heads to Moscow amid Jewish Agency dispute


Assessment: The delegation was originally scheduled to depart Sunday but a snag in the issuance of visas from the Russian authorities put things on hold, as both sides continue their efforts to defuze situation …

An Israeli delegation will travel to Russia on Wednesday on Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s orders in hopes of halting a Russian order to shutter the operations of the Jewish Agency in the country.

Israel eyes political repercussions should Russia shut down Jewish Agency

The delegation was originally scheduled to travel to Moscow on Sunday but was delayed waiting for the members’ visas to be approved by Russian authorities.

Russia has alleged that the Jewish Agency, a non-profit organizaton that works to encourage aliyah, has breached privacy laws by collecting personal information of people who are interested in immigrating to Israel. Authorities are expected to present more details in a Russian court on Thursday.

The case has stirred worries in Israel about a crisis with Russia, which is home to a large Jewish community and wields clout in next-door Syria.

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