Alcoholic Euthanized in the Netherlands — Where Is This Going?



The New American: “On the appointed day, a doctor arrived at his parents’ home to kill him. When the doctor arrived, (Mark)Langedijk’s family was gathered around while he “laughed, drank, smoked, ate ham and cheese sandwiches and soup with meatballs.” The doctor went over the details of the procedure, directing Langedijk to get into bed.

At that point, Mark and his family began crying.

“We cried, told each other that we loved each other, that it would be all right, that we would care for each other, that we would see each other again, we held each other,” said Langedijk’s brother, Marcel. “If it was not so terrible, it would have been nice.”

Finally, Marcel described his brother’s final moments. “Mark’s eyes turned away, he sighed deeply. His last.” Then, Dr. Marijke injected the third syringe, whereupon Mark’s “face changed, lost color,” Marcel added. “My little brother was dead.”

Opinion: The law that was passed 16 years ago, as a solution for patients suffering from incurable diseases, is a reminder of how abortion was initially passed for rape and incest, and now, infants are partially born while their brains are sucked out before the baby’s head is removed from its mother.

How’s this for an irony? The death penalty was abolished in the Netherlands in 1870 – but euthanizing babies after birth is legal.

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  1. This is so completely tragic. It just makes my heart ache. I feel so sorry for those without hope! Oh, that true Christians would rise up and be the kingdom of God WITH power and show the world what life with Jesus can do for them!

  2. This is the epitome of life without God. No hope, no help and people assuming they will see each other again. I don’t know how?
    If you don’t know the son you wont know the father.
    John 14:7

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