An “Ominous Disconnect” – What Powell & Lagarde Should Have Told The G-7


Zero Hedge: Here is a joint statement from Lagarde and Powell at a secret G7 meeting with all Leaders and Finance Chiefs of the seven nations attending as well as the IMF and BIS:

“The financial system has been on the verge of collapse since September 2019 when we started Repos and QE. And since then it has only got worse. The coronavirus hit us at a time when the banking system was almost down and out.

We had enough problems saving the banks. But now we must save big corporations, small companies, individuals, local municipalities and states, the Federal State and this on top of rescuing a financial system which is deteriorating by the day. The whole system is leaking like a sieve and we are struggling to keep it all afloat.

Fortunately we have printing presses and that helps to keep it all going but only just. Our big fear is that the market will realise that all the money we are printing is worthless. And it is of course but we can’t tell anyone. But if the world wakes up to this one day soon, the financial system could implode in a matter of days. And we would be totally helpless to stop it………”

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Opinion: I keep saying it, this ain’t it. The financial turmoil caused by the Covid-19  lockdowns is a preview of the apocalypse, but it is not the main event.

What we have now are three previews …

  • Rev. 6:3-4 Red Horse – rebellions (loss of peace)
  • Rev. 6:5-6 Black Horse – Financial turmoil (not global hyperinflation)
  • Rev. 6:7-8 Pale Horse – Pandemic (low death rate)

What is still missing …

  • Rev. 3:10 – The promise kept
  • Rev. 4:1 – Rapture – The removal of the church
  • Rev. 6:1-2 White Horse – Emerging global leader from Europe

One thing is for sure, the Bible is precise in the order of events. In fact the #1 reason most Christians find the Book of the Revelation so difficult to understand is they don’t read it chronologically.

What follows the preview of “Coming Attractions”? The real Apocalypse.

  • False Christ – EU Super President Matthew 24:5
  • Red Horse – Wars and rumors of war Matthew 24:6
  • Black Horse – Global hyperinflation/currency collapse Matthew 24:7
  • Pale Horse – Pandemic/25% of the population perishes Matthew 24:21