JPost: When Trump was sworn in, there were fears among Middle Eastern leaders that his brash and spur-of-the-moment personality would lead him to act the way he spoke. King Abdullah of Jordan was particularly concerned about Trump’s plan to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

In January, he was the first foreign leader to rush to Washington for a meeting. An official told Reuters he planned to press Trump to keep up the fight against Islamic State and “secure resources to help ensure the insurgents would not be allowed to move toward our borders.”

Trump has increasingly listened to the counsel of the king of Jordan. He has toned down his rhetoric against “radical Islamic terrorism” which he had vowed to “eradicate from the face of the earth.” more …

Opinion:  Financial Times yesterday: “Sunni Arab states and Israel on Friday applauded the US Tomahawk missile strike on an air base in Syria, welcoming what they saw as an overdue show of resolve against the Assad regime and its main foreign patrons, Iran and Russia.”

It was at Trump’s incredibly warm and friendly press conference with Jordan’s king that the next red line was drawn. In fact, President Trump said that Bashar Assad had crossed several red lines.

That comment was in stark contrast to citizen Trump’s harsh criticism of then President Obama: “What will we get for bombing Syria besides more debt and a possible long term conflict?” Trump asked on Twitter in August of 2013. “Obama needs Congressional approval.”

While there are many who think the raid on Syria’s air base was a mistake, I do not agree. The United States has been pushed around for the past 8 years suffering some of the most  provocative and embarrassing gestures by rogue regimes in recent memory:

Iran takes US sailors captive on their knees at gunpoint:

Image result for us sailors at gunpointRussian jets buzzing US ships:

Image result for us ships buzzed by iran ships

While I support the president’s action, his new friends from Sunni states and especially Jordan’s Abdullah are troubling. Sunni Arabs are signaling they are willing to make peace with Israel now that they have a big new powerful friend against Iran.

Taqiyya is an Arab word for lying in defense of Islam.

There is an embassy that needs to be moved!

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  1. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well I say a perpetual art machine tells a thousand more! So let’s see what “Pedal Shoes,” by Nik Ramage gives us:

    Donald Trump campaigned on a yuuuge, transformational platform to radically reshape the mess in Washington. Obamacare would be obliterated, the tax code would be overhauled, immigrants from conflict zones would be blocked, and we were going to drain the swamp. Those were just a few of the many promises. So after 77 days, how’re things lookin’? The conservatives in his inner circle have been moved out of the corner offices and into the basement and Congress, along with the Judiciary, has either stonewalled his agenda or moved him off key policy elements of what got him elected. Washington’s useless bureaucratic perpetual machine has made Trump’s bold agenda almost invisible.

    Syria: My paranoid perspective tells me the useless perpetual machine has moved him into that quagmire as well. I hope and pray I’m absurdly off on this line of thinking.

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