Another Russian Attack on America’s Food Supply—Because Nobody Takes Biden Seriously


Assessment: Perhaps Joe Biden’s ‘relentless diplomacy’ and saying pretty please will stop wanna be Czar Vladimir. Perhaps not.

Despite repeated warnings from Presidentish Joe Biden against ransomware attacks coming from Vladimir Putin’s Russia, somehow another proscribed target just got hit by the Russians.

This time Russian hacker group BlackMatter targeted an Iowa grain co-op, demanding nearly six million dollars or else they’d leak the company’s proprietary business data.

The co-op, New Cooperative, manages “supply chains and feeding schedules on track for millions of chickens, hogs and cattle,” according to the Washington Post.

The cooperative took its computer network offline to isolate the incursion, the person said, and shuttered its soil-mapping software — a master-control system that optimizes irrigation and fertilization — as a precaution.

The whole mess has yet to be ironed out, and it remains to be seen whether or how this impacts U.S. food production at a time of supply chain troubles and rising inflation. Read More from Read More @ PJ Media HERE