Arab League To Hold Urgent Meeting On Iran, Saudis Mobilize Fighter Jets


Zero Hedge: The Arab League is set to hold an emergency meeting on Iran at Saudi Arabia’s request, this according to Reuters and various regional sources, at a moment when Saudi fighter jets may be mobilizing for war in an attempted show of force.

Egypt-based Ahram Online also reports further that the meeting will discuss “Iranian interference” in the region at League headquarters in Cairo, and other early unconfirmed reports indicate the meeting could come as early as next Sunday.

News of the Arab League extraordinary session comes as tensions are at breaking point as regional powers – especially Saudi Arabia and Israel – talk war against perceived Iranian expansion and domination in the Middle East. Meanwhile, The Daily Star, citing the Baghdad Post, claims that Saudi Arabia has scrambled its air force for strikes in Lebanon. more …

Opinion: With Middle East tensions ratcheting up between Saudi Arabia and Iran and its proxy Hezbollah, new alliances could be in the making.

It is entirely possible to see Israel supporting the Saudi’s.

I can’t believe I just said that.