‘Army Of Islam’ Would Be World’s Biggest Military


WND: WASHINGTON – When Turkey’s semi-official newspaper Yeni Safak called for urgent action in forming a 57-nation “Army of Islam” to besiege and attack Israel, a suggestion undoubtedly approved with at least a wink and nod by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, it would signal the possible intent to create the largest military force on the planet – one nearly as large as the total population of the Jewish state. more …

Opinion: With Israel’s population standing at approximately 8.5 million, of which 6.5 million are Jewish, the threat of an army of an estimated 5-8 million men would be formidable but not without precedent.

The Turkish daily Yeni Şafak, which is close to Recep Erdoğan and his ruling AKP party, published an article titled “A Call for Urgent Action”, which is not too different to the Psalm 83:4 rallying cry: Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, That the name of Israel may be remembered no more.

Since Psalm 83 involves both Sunni and Shia, it may well be that Recep Erdogan could be the financier of the Sunni contingent:

  • Edom and Amalek – (Palestinians of West Bank and Gaza) – Sunni
  • Philistia – (Palestinians of Gaza) – Sunni
  • Ammon, Moab – (Arabs of central and northern Jordan) – Sunni
  • Hagrites – (Mixed Egyptians and Arabs) – Sunni
  • Ishmaelites – (Arabs of Saudi Arabia) – Sunni

While Iran the financier of the Shia side:

  • Gebal and Tyre – (Arabs of northern and southern Lebanon) – Shia
  • Assyria – (Arabs of Syria and northern Iraq) – Kurds and Shia)

The Psalm 83 war will be massive but nowhere near the 57 nations that Erdogan envisions. The last war of Armageddon, however, is.

Daniel 11:40: “At the time of the end the king of the South shall attack him (Antichrist); and the king of the North shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter the countries, overwhelm them, and pass through.” 

Image result for king of the north vs king of the south

Daniel 11:44: “But news from the east and the north shall trouble him; therefore he shall go out with great fury to destroy and annihilate many.”

The kings of the East are coming (Revelation 16:12) to battle Christ. By this time in the great battle, the kings of the north and south will have been weakened and a 200-million-man army from the east (of Israel) will cross a dried-up Euphrates River to try to stop Christ on His return.

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Daniel 11:45: “And he (Antichrist) shall plant the tents of his palace between the seas (Mediterranean) and the glorious holy mountain (Temple Mount); yet he shall come to his end, and no one will help him.”

It will be the bloodiest battle in history (Ps. 2:2-3Zech. 14:3). The destruction resulting will be such that the blood of the armies will reach to the horses’ bridles for 200 miles.