Arrest Rahm Emanuel



Front Page Mag: “It is time to start locking up local officials like Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel for interfering with the enforcement of federal immigration law.

Those who, like Emanuel, enable lawless so-called sanctuary cities deserve to be behind bars.”

Opinion: It could happen.

According to the Washington Post, Senator Jeff Sessions, President elect Donald Trump’s top pick for Attorney General is on record as saying so-called sanctuary cities that protect illegal aliens should be prosecuted.

Cheered by the progressive left, sanctuary cities have frustrated immigration enforcement efforts and shielded illegal aliens from Federal officials as a matter of policy.

A nation without laws in not a nation. If immigration laws change to open borders then we, as Christians, must respect those, If not, then citizens, including government officials who break immigration laws, should be prosecuted as criminals.

For eight years the Obama administration has been promoting violating Federal law by making America a sanctuary nation, rolling out the red carpet rolling out the red carpet for illegal aliens, depressing labor markets and draining the nations welfare benefits meant for US citizens.

Thankfully, all that is about to change.