Jordan’s King: “civil war” inside Islam & Jordan has reached “the boiling point”



Joel Rosenberg: “(Jerusalem, Israel) — For months now, Jordan’s King Abdullah II has been urgently warning Western leaders in blunt and stark language that the tidal wave of Syrian refugees into his country and the barbaric violence of the Islamic State poses a clear and present danger to his kingdom. He needs significantly more military and financial assistance than he is currently getting, and he needs it quickly.

ISIS is engaged in “a third world war” against the West and moderate Sunni Arab governments like his own, says the 54 year old monarch.

Jordan has reached “the boiling point,” he adds. “Jordanians are suffering …and sooner or later I think the dam is going to burst.”

Opinion: It will be fascinating to watch, since Jordan has a big role in Bible prophecy.

If ISIS were to take Jordan, its role as an attacker in the alliance of Psalm 83 would be more easily understood, since Jordan’s King Abdullah II has had  diplomatic, economic, and cultural relations with Israel since 1994.

In the war of Psalm 83, Jordan is mentioned three times.

  • Edom: Southern Jordan
  • Moab: Central Jordan
  • Ammon: Northern Jordan

Edom, ( descendants of Esau, Genesis 36:1), was pushed out of southern Jordan by a Nabatean tribe in the 6th century BC in accordance with Jeremiah 25:38 “for their land has become a waste“.

Edom is now the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and Gaza.

And all of  Jordan will be spared (Daniel 11:41) from the armies of Antichrist in the great and final war of Armageddon because the Jews will flee to southern Jordan in accordance with Matthew 24:15-16.

It never stops amazing me all that God has given us.

(See Bible Prophecy 101 for details of the Psalm 83 war)

Joel Rosenberg “BREAKING NEWS: In 11-hour battle, Jordanian forces destroy ISIS sleeper cell planning major terror attacks to destabilize the kingdom” @