As Palestinians head back to the UN, cause for concern in Israel



The Times of Israel: “The plan to bring another anti-settlement resolution to the Security Council is thus slated to become a veritable litmus test of US-Israel relations, nearly half a year before America elects a new president.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to use his upcoming trip to the UN in New York — where is slated to attend a signing ceremony for the historic climate agreement reached in Paris in December — to launch yet another attempt to” get the UN to condemn Israel’s actions in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Opinion: This will be interesting. The UN has voted against Israeli settlements every year since 1947 without success, but recent changes in the Security Council have definitely tilted against Israel.

Since China, Russia, Egypt, Malaysia, Senegal, Venezuela, Britain, Angola, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Ukraine and Uruguay are expected to support the Palestinian proposal, take a wild guess as to who will cast the deciding vote?

If you guessed Barack Hussein Obama you are correct.

The vote is scheduled for April 22 putting the president in a precarious position in an election year. If he votes against, he will anger the entire Arab world, and if he votes with the UN, he places the Democrat party as anti-Israel.

If the president votes with the Israel-hating UN, it will be another clue as to his plans after leaving office.

Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s second term ends December 31, 2016.


Source: Slider