Assad in a position of strength after Vienna deal with Iran. Tehran revitalizes his depleted army


AssadSpeech26_7_15Debkafile: “Syrian President Bashar Assad, in his first public speech in a year, Sunday, July 26, could afford to admit to loss of territory, after being handed Iran’s new rehabilitation plan for his army, debkafile reveals. Divisions and brigades are rebuilt into three armored commando super-divisions, one each for the northern, southern and Damascus fronts.

The 4th Division would still defend Damascus. The 14th Division of Special Forces gets fresh officers under Iranian commanders. The US-Tehran nuclear accord effectively brings an Iranian military presence ever closer to the borders of Israel and Jordan.”

Opinion: Proxy war. While Iran is absent from the Psalm 83 alliance its presence will be felt as a benefactor to at least three of the armies:

  1. Assyria: Syria and northern Iraq
  2. Inhabitants of Tyre: southern Lebanon  (Hezbollah)
  3. Philistia: Gaza (Hamas)

The balance of the alliance appears to be Sunni and possibly represented by terror groups from within the natons:

  • Edom: Palestinians of the West Bank
  • Moab and Ammon: Central and Northern Jordan
  • Gebal: Northern Lebanon
  • Amalek: Arabs of the Sinai
  • Hagrites: Egypt
  • Ishmaelites: Saudi Arabia

(thanks to Playmon for the correction)


  1. Its all so incredible and seems surreal. But of course, this is no fantasy.
    I think you meant to say that Moab and Ammon represent Jordan.
    As always, thanks for diligently putting things together and presenting them to those of us that love to watch, understand, and warn.

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