Doctors Are Dropping Out Of ObamaCare — Just As IBD/TIPP Poll Predicted



Investors Business Daily Op-Ed: “A new survey shows that fewer doctors are participating in ObamaCare plans this year than had been in the past. This should not be a surprise to anyone. An IBD/TIPP poll taken in 2009 warned that this would happen if Obama Care became law.

The more recent survey was taken by SERMO, which bills itself as the largest health care professional polling company. It found that just 57% of doctors say they “participate in health insurance plans offered in the federal or state exchanges set up under the Affordable Care Act.”

That is down from 61% who said they were planning to participate a year ago.”

Opinion: Obamacare is a success: It was designed to fail in 2017 after its namesake left office – and to that end, it is doing spectacularly well.

Didn’t the Democrats in Congress tells us that you could keep your plan, keep your doctor, and the cost would go down?


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