Barack Obama: America Must Embrace Communism


Your News Wire: Former President Obama has argued that we must change our economic system and embrace elements of communist ideology including “universal basic income”, the policy where the government grants citizens an income to live on.

While delivering remarks Tuesday at the 16th annual Nelson Mandela Lecture in Johannesburg, Obama also claimed “the rich owe the world a huge debt” and outlined a series of radical wealth distribution plans taken straight from the pages of Das Kapital, Karl Marx’s seminal communist tract. more …

Opinion: In a reverse ‘Robin Hood’ Barack Obama spent his entire presidency attempting to take from the middle class and give to the rich, while saying he was doing the opposite.

Does the Affordable Care Act ring a bell?

Obama stood by and watched as the Federal Reserve printed $4 Trillion in counterfeit dollars and handed it to failing banks who in turn drove asset prices to the moon. The wealthy grew to become uber-wealthy while Barack railed on and on against the very people he and Bernanke made filthy rich.

Claiming he saved the world from a depression, Barack and Michelle hobnobbed with the rich and famous of Martha’s Vineyard …

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… played endless rounds of golf:

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Spent $100,000,000 taxpayer dollars on lavish vacations …

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… as his net worth grew to over $40 million from a $400,000 (8 year) salary:

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The good news is that, according to Obama, the rich will pay for everything. The bad news is that, according to Obama, you’re rich.

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