Michael Bastasch: China Is Laughing At Us


Europe is rapidly de-industrializing. German factories are going dark. French and Dutch farmers can’t afford to heat greenhouses. Millions of Brits are facing energy poverty. And Americans are still struggling to put food on the table or pay their energy bills.

These disasters largely all stem from western leaders’ devotion to the cult of climate extremism, and the calamitous decisions to replace fossil fuels and nuclear reactors with wind turbines and solar panels. And the Chinese Communist Party wants to see more of it.

“Who shut up the sea behind doors
    when it burst forth from the womb,
when I made the clouds its garment
    and wrapped it in thick darkness” Job 34:8-9

In fact, China is openly mocking the west’s commitment to the green delusion.

China’s top “climate envoy” (whatever that means) told his German counterpart that Europe, which is facing economic collapse because of its climate policies, needs to do more to save the planet.

“The climate policies of some European countries have shown a ‘backswing’, and it is hoped that this is just a temporary stopgap,” said Xie Zhenhua, Reuters reported Thursday. Xie also reiterated calls for western nations to meet their Paris Agreement pledge to give $100 billion annually to so-called “developing nations.” Xie, of course, considers China to be “developing.”

China’s foreign ministry added to the big joke, claiming in a statement the communist nation was on the path to becoming a green paradise “in contrast with the European Union,” according to Reuters.

If you just laughed out loud, China is right there with you. They’re literally mining and burning record amounts of coal. They’re also importing record amounts of Russian energy, much of which they may be reselling to Europe for a tidy profit.

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