JPost: Soccer fans in Belgium chanted about burning Jews during a match in the city of Bruges, Belgian media reported.

La Derniere Heure published footage from the Aug. 26 match on Wednesday. It shows dozens of fans celebrating their local team’s victory over Brussels’ Anderlecht team that day by singing in Flemish: “My father was in the commandos, my mother was in the SS, together they burned Jews ’cause Jews burn the best.” more …

Club Brugge fan holds up a scarf

Opinion: On December 13, 1942, Edward R. Murrow of the CBS radio network bluntly reported, “What is happening is this. Millions of human beings, most of them Jews, are being gathered up with ruthless efficiency and murdered. The phrase ‘concentration camps’ is obsolete, as out of date as economic sanctions or non-recognition. It is now possible only to speak of extermination camps.”

Four days later, the governments of the United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union issued a joint declaration that “the German authorities, not content with denying to persons of the Jewish race in all the territories over which their barbarous rule has been extended the most elementary human rights, are now carrying into effect Hitler’s oft-repeated intention to exterminate the Jewish people of Europe.” The declaration stated, in part:

Jews are being transported in conditions of appalling horror and brutality to Eastern Europe. In Poland, which has been made the principal Nazi slaughterhouse, the ghettos established by the German invaders are being systematically emptied of all Jews except a few highly skilled workers required for war industries. None of those taken away are ever heard of again. The able-bodied are slowly worked to death in labor camps. The infirm are left to die of exposure and starvation or are deliberately massacred in mass executions. The number of victims of these bloody cruelties is reckoned in many hundreds of thousands of entirely innocent men, women, and children.

It is difficult to understand how a supposedly civilized world cannot see the maniacal growth of anti-Semitism taking place just 76 years after the joint declaration.

If there was to be only one clue as to the onset of the last days it is the rampant growth of anti-Semitism. The coming tribulation is about a time of trouble for Jacob (Jeremiah 30:7), who is Israel (Genesis 35:10)

“Alas! For that day is great,
So that none is like it;
And it is the time of Jacob’s trouble,
But he shall be saved out of it.”

Four sentences packed with prophecy:

For regular visitors to our blog, Jeremiah 30:7 has been, and will continue to be, used to warn the world of the lateness of the hour. So many in the church of Jesus Christ have been fed Replacement Theology/Reform (Covenant) theology that the hatred of God’s chosen people is being ignored reminiscent of 1942.

Use the share button on this blog post to warn those who are close to you. Don’t be discouraged if most stay quiet. Keep in mind those who bless Israel will be blessed (Genesis 12:3).

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