Ben Rhodes won’t testify to Congress on Iran deal ‘narratives’


adciseThe Washington Post: “The senior White House official who recently became a lightning rod for critics of President Obama’s foreign policy after he made brusque comments in a magazine profile has declined an invitation to testify before Congress.

Deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes was invited to address a Tuesday hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on “White House narratives” surrounding last year’s nuclear deal with Iran, joining a panel of foreign policy experts.

Specifically, the appearance of a senior presidential adviser before Congress threatens the independence and autonomy of the President, as well as his ability to receive candid advice and counsel in the discharge of his constitutional duties,” Eggleston wrote.”

Opinion: Who knew that one of the president’s duties was to deceive the American people that the new regime in Iran was moderate?

Since we have learned from prophecy that Iran will be a factor in each of the three wars before the return of Jesus Christ, Christians can be confident in discerning secular headlines.

  • Psalm 83: Benefactor to Hamas and Hezbollah (Psalm 83:1-8)
  • Gog and Magog: Part of the 7 nation alliance (Ez. 38:1-6)
  • Armageddon: Part of kings of the North (Daniel 11:40)



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