Berlin ‘Lost To Arab Clans’ Now Recruiting ‘Physically Strong Young Migrants’



Breitbart: “Berlin’s criminal underworld has been “lost to Arab clans” according to a new report published by the mainstream German newspaper Die Welt.

The report, which reveals how Arab migration has transformed Berlin’s entire criminal landscape, exposes how extended migrant families, now recruiting new migrants, run the entirety of the city’s organised crime. 

The report speaks of the ‘amazing’ sight of luxury sedans cruising up to refugee, asylum centre, and migrant lodgings filled with “people who have lost everything.”

Opinion: Edmund Rüdiger Stoiber a German politician, and chairman of the Christian Social Union message to Angela Merkel German Chancellor Angela Merkel “You are killing off Europe”.

On March 13, German voters let Mrs. Merkel know of their displeasure with her welcome mat to over 700,000 Syrian refugees in 2015 and more than 2 million on the way. Merkel’s party lost a record breaking defeat in all three regional elections.

Trouble in Germany spells trouble in Europe, and trouble in Europe sets the stage for a strong man leader to ride in on a white horse.

No where have I heard that before?

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Source: Slider