Outrage: Biden Chooses Trita Parsi – Handing Iran the Keys to Middle East Policy


And Magazine: According to Politico, Trita Parsi is Joe Biden’s pick to oversee Middle Eastern policy on the National Security Council (NSC) in a Biden administration. I can only assume this means that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Hossein Salami both declined the position. They would be only two possible candidates who would be worse choices.

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Trita Parsi is a Washington-based activist born in Iran. He founded and ran for many years a group called the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC). He is now the executive vice president and co-founder of something called the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft. Parsi claims to speak on behalf of Americans of Iranian descent. In fact, his activities of show that he reliably advocates in favor of Tehran and systematically avoids any criticism of the appalling human rights record of the mullahs in Tehran.

Parsi and NIAC blame the tensions with Iran on the United States and the West. NIAC demands that the United States normalize relations with Tehran. It also wants the United States to abandon all efforts to support those fighting for democracy inside Iran. Per Parsi, Iran the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, wants only to have a peaceful, productive relationship with the United States and Western powers, including Israel.

Exactly how Iran’s intense desire for peace fits with its efforts to set the entire Middle East on fire, calls for the elimination of the Jewish state or the ongoing Iranian attacks on vessels in the Red Sea and Persian Gulf is, of course, unclear. Read More