Rosenberg: Biden still eager for nuclear deal with Iran – agreement ‘not off the table’


JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – In his first on-the-record interview with a Christian media outlet since being confirmed to his post as Ambassador to Israel exactly one year ago this month, Tom Nides told me the administration still wants a nuclear agreement with the Iranian regime.

pressed Ambassador Nides to assure millions of Evangelicals, Jews, and others who love Israel and are worried about the Biden approach that the draft 2.0-version of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was “100% off the table.”


But Nides – whom I described in a May profile on ALL ISRAEL NEWS as “warm, gregarious, and a straightshooter” – could not and would not do that.

Rather, Nides made clear that a new nuclear deal with Iran is “not off the table.”

“Nothing’s ever off the table,” he said.

Nides vowed that U.S. President Joe Biden “is not going to stand by and let Iran obtain a nuclear weapon.”

What’s more, he argued that Biden’s diplomatic strategy is the best way to stop Iran from building a nuclear arsenal.

That said, Nides stressed that negotiations between the Iranian regime, the U.S., and other world powers are presently at a stalemate.

Biden has been “very clear” that Tehran must meet certain conditions to revive the JCPOA deal of 2015 that was designed by the Obama-Biden administration, he noted.

“Not only are they [conditions] not being met, but things have got even worse,” Nides said.

“So, my view today, we are nowhere close to having a deal with Iran.”

“I am not holding my breath for any negotiation with the Iranians in this current form,” Nides said.

I countered that I am “holding my breath.”

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