Biden Vows to Bring Terror Group PLO to Washington if Elected


BIN: Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that if elected president, he would reopen the Palestine Liberation Organization Diplomatic Mission in Washington, D.C., and restore U.S. assistance to the Palestinian Authority.

The presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee also reiterated that he would reopen the U.S. consulate in eastern Jerusalem, which primarily serves the Palestinians.

“A priority now for the cause of Israeli-Palestinian peace should be resuming our dialogue with the Palestinians and pressing Israel not to take actions that make a two-state solution impossible,” Biden told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in a statement. Read More …

Opinion: It would be so easy to pass this off as ignorance if not for…

  • Biden was Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, and Vice President
  • Biden is a self-proclaimed expert on foreign policy
  • Biden agreed with the Obama that the Israeli “settlements” were the root of all evil
  • Biden is a two state solution advocate and …
  • Two months before he was elected Vice President, the Jerusalem Post reported that in 2005 Biden told Israeli officials that they should have to get used to a nuclear Iran

Ignorance of Israel’s place in God’s plan is not a valid excuse…

“I will bless those who bless you,
And I will curse him who curses you;
And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” Genesis 12:3

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