Biden’s Abuse Of Defense Production Act Will Drive Gas Prices Even Higher


Assessment: Every stroke of his pen brings more pain to the people our president vowed to protect and defend … 

US President Joe Biden signs a Group of Seven (G-7) book after arriving at Munich Airport ahead of the G-7 leaders summit, in Munich, Germany, on Saturday, June 25, 2022.

Yet man is born to trouble, As the sparks fly upward.” Job 5:7

Gas prices have driven many a voter to the polls in our nation’s history, but Americans are feeling pain at the pump now more than ever as the average national gas price breached $5 for the first time in history.

President Biden is busying himself with non-solutions like a temporary gas tax break — something even former President Obama called a “gimmick” — in an attempt to show some concern for the lower- and middle-class families he claimed to fight for on the campaign trail. But a bevy of mandates handed down from his administrative state indicate his real priorities lie elsewhere. President Biden’s bizarre abuse of the Defense Production Act for inexpensive and unreliable renewable energy — and his continued injection of climate politics into financial regulations — suggest the president’s leftist agenda takes precedent over our well-being.


If only President Biden knew how simple it would be to solve $5 gas and restore economic prosperity to the nation.

Biden’s exploitation of the Defense Production Act to prop up the renewable energy industry may be his most out-of-touch move yet. With two-thirds of the nation living paycheck-to-paycheck — not to mention serious crises like the baby formula shortage still ongoing — Biden is giving special treatment to energy sources that have never yet proven to be worth the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars. Decades of subsidies measuring in the hundreds of billions haven’t made renewable energy more reliable or affordable, despite its advocates’ bold claims. The Defense Production Act won’t either; it will just drive energy prices even higher.

The Trump administration’s pro-energy policies created real savings for families — and continued our track record of global environmental leadership — but President Biden’s war on fossil fuels has already erased that progress. The average family is now paying nearly $3,000 more on gasoline per year than under the previous administration, on top of sky-high inflation causing higher prices for other essential goods.

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