The presidential visit to the US’s strongest ally in the Middle East will last less than 48 hours and include several blatant snubs aimed at distancing Israel while exhibiting the Biden administration’s belief that “Palestine” is the dominant political entity in the region. This will be Biden’s tenth visit to Israel but his first as president.

Biden’s visit will begin on Wednesday morning at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, where he will be greeted by Prime Minister Yair Lapid and President Isaac Herzog, with Alternate Prime Minister Naftali Bennett possibly speaking as well. But rather than an auspicious affair that is usually held for visiting dignitaries, the event will be rather subdued, as per Biden’s request. Some speculation about the unusual condition suggests that the heat may be a factor as Biden is 79 years old.

In that day I will all but annihilate all the nations that came up against Yerushalayim. Zechariah 12:9 (The Israel BibleTM)

Israeli flag over Jerusalem

Others suggest that his concern was over impromptu grandstanding, such as what took place during Trump’s airport ceremony when MK Oren Hazan jumped in for a selfie with the president.

But in addition to snubbing Israeli officials, a previously scheduled tour of Israeli security systems with Defense Minister Benny Gantz at Palmachim air force base in central Israel will now also be held at Ben Gurion Airport.

The White House has also informed the Prime Minister’s Office that due to concerns about COVID-19, Biden will not shake hands with Israeli ministers or MKs who greet him upon arrival at Ben-Gurion Airport on Wednesday.

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