Big Brother Watching You: When Spy Cameras Are Everywhere



The New American: “If you walk down the street in New York City or travel its subways, rest assured you’re being watched. This is unavoidable with the Big Apple’s untold thousands of security cameras, more than 17,000 of which are available for police scrutiny. Yet this is nothing. London’s notorious “Ring of Steel” comprises one camera for every 16 people, approximately half a million peering electronic eyes altogether. And while this may not seem a concern to many Americans, note that there are those who want to use London “as a model” for N.Y.C. — and perhaps beyond.

Even in Britain, though, some are sounding the alarm over the continual state surveillance, which extends far beyond the capitol. As the Times of London recently wrote:

Britain’s surveillance camera watchdog has raised concerns over the scope of a police database holding details of billions of road journeys that was set up without parliamentary authority.”

Opinion: In Daniel 9 and Revelation 13 a world leader stands in a new Jewish temple and declares himself god beginning the Great Tribulation as described by Jesus in Matthew 24:21.

The time is the last 42 months (3.5 years) before Christ returns, when Satan indwells a man’s body and all hell, literally, breaks loose.

No other generation in history had the ability to track the whereabouts of every human being and no other generation was even remotely able to monitor buying and selling, Revelation 13:16-7.

Daniel’s 4th beast (Dan 7:23-24), global governance, is under construction.

Headline “Palestinian Authority joins Hamas in declaring Tel Aviv gunman a Martyr”